Is The BBC Biased?

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Was listening to Radio 2 this afternoon and heard Kevin McCloud (Grand Designs) talking about the fantastic event (his words) happening this weekend and also coming across as being very smug (my words) and then I see he is also on the One Show. I find all this shameless ‘plugging’ a little offensive. I also find that the presenters who have these people on their programmes seem to pander to all this and seem to put on an air of being so ‘humble’.

Is This Right?

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I was recently looking on a well known property website and looking at places available to rent and was amazed as to how many specified No Pets, No Smokers and No DSS. It was the last one that concerned me. I know there are plenty of people who rely on assistance from the DSS for various reasons, but it appears that landlords have a great fear of these people and I can’t understand why.

Ok, I accept that some people may be just trying to exploit the system, but there are others who truly have financial issues yet are being penalised by this ‘blanket’ impression in my view by landlords that anyone receiving benefits from the DSS must be bad and will trash the property.

Only last week I heard someone talking about the ‘rough end’ of Hayling Island. What do they base this on? They couldn’t give any reply other than…..’Well it’s DSS’.

Your views would be appreciated on this one.

I’m Sorry But I’ve Lost The Plot

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Only today I’ve seen on television lots of things that I can’t believe…….Bargain Hunt…..people wearing clothing which came from the 80’s……..sorry, lime or pink coloured trousers doesnt actually do anything for me and also I think that the Sahara dust issue has been ‘bigged up’ because I dont believe this has been a big issue….only now I’m hearing on the BBC News at One that they are trying to make a big thing about pollution…..get a life….I’ve not see any reports of people with breathing difficulties having been affected by all this.

I’ve Had Enough Of This

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Ok, many of you may say that I chose to live by the sea. You are right, but my issue is that the local council seem to have no idea how to deal with the exceptional weather conditions. Only yesterday the promenade outside my property and about 500 yards either side of me was full of shingle and sea water and was overtopping as the sea water driven on by the wind had no where to go, yet all Havant Borough Council seemed to do was to sent about six vehicles all with flashing amber lights (which I assume was impressive as it indicated some form of urgency) then all the workers stood there watching the sea breaching. Eventually they decided to try and let some of the water out through the flood barriers, but then went home at 8.30pm last night and never came back although the next high tide was at 03.00 this morning.

The Environment Agency sent notification that Havant Borough Council would be reinstating the beach today, but as I write I haven’t seen any activity. No doubt my council tax will be increased for the coming year to pay for all the extra work that has been put in to stop flooding? I will be put into prison I’m sure, because there is no way I am paying extra for services that haven’t been delivered.

Rude? Or Is It Just Me…

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Last Saturday I went to see a wonderful Carpenters tribute band…..well it would have been if the audience had kept the noise down. Very disappointed that I took the trouble to support a local event yet there were some, in my view ignorant, as they didn’t have the decency to sit and listen to the band. Around 200 people were there, yet the audience noise was greater than the band. I actually walked out after 2 hours as I couldn’t hear the music above the audience noise. Very disappointing. Ok, some people may have looked upon it as a Saturday night out with cabaret, but for those who actually wanted to hear the music, well we clearly wasted our time. I shall not be supporting these type of events again.

Here We Go Again

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If the hassles of the first couple of weeks in January weren’t enough, I learn today that we are set to receive another wild and windy weekend combined with exceptionally high tides. High tide this morning was at 11.30am and already the sea was beginning to show it’s anger again driven by increasing SW winds, with large amounts of spray. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I do not suffer again. I may be complaining but my thoughts are also with those who are worse off than I am.

It’s All Happening

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I can’t believe is has been 12 days since I last posted a blog here. To say I’m ashamed is an understatement. I have however have mitigating circumstances, one being that I’ve made a claim on my home insurance for my water damaged carpet and I’ve had various companies round to look at the carpet, yet it seems to me that they all want to pass the problem onto someone else. Having said that, another company is coming round tomorrow to ‘have a look’ and I will wait to see what the outcome of that visit will be.

I had some pleasant news at the back end of last week. A former colleague in the ambulance service who still works for the service, set up a group on Facebook for staff like myself who worked for the Oxfordshire Ambulance Service before it was merged into South Central Ambulance Service. What a fantastic idea that was. It was so good to read so many memories and seeing pics being posted including some of me which I didn’t realise people still had and that I didn’t even remember being taken !! I have to say it is nice to know that although I ‘retired’ nearly two and a half years ago, former colleagues still keep in contact…..perhaps that is an NHS thing……one big happy family? I don’t know, but it is nice.

Back Again

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Well after a traumatic few days in the first week of 2014, I think I am finally back on track. I had a couple of early morning starts in the back garden last Weds and Thurs. The reason being that the high tides were exceptionally high and the potential of further flooding was a possibility. So on Weds morning at 02.45 myself and 6 neighbours spent nearly two and a half hours sweeping water away from my property. My next door neighbour lost his garden shed due to a six foot wave coming straight off the beach and into his garden. The shed incidentally contained two bikes and numerous other items……this is the strength that the sea has.

Anyway all seems to have calmed down now and I’m just sorting out with my insurance company the details regarding the water damage to my lounge carpet.