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I like to think I’m not, but it saddens me to admit that I think I am, although I’ve always thought that I was pretty savvy when it comes to most things.

Visited my local Tesco this morning for a few items and at the checkout, a very nice lady asked me if I was collecting the vouchers for Pyrex dishes. Of course I said yes and was presented with some sort of sticker about half an inch square which didn’t actually tell me anything about what I was collecting. I didn’t have the heart to ask what the rules and regulations were regarding this promotion. I just skulked out like the naughty boy who should stand in the corner.

One thought on “Gullible?

  1. She should have given you the card to stick the stickers in. It tells you how many stickers you need for each dish. Ask them for one next time you go in……if you didnt get one today

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