Why I Hate Social Media

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I find social media a pain in the backside. People will quite happily post comments/views via these outlets, but it is so obvious from what I have read or received feedback on, that many comments are interpreted in a way not necessarily meant by the poster. This is the main reason why I have deleted my FB account. I found the constant tittle tattle so irritating that I couldn’t be bothered. I’m not interested in anyone’s issues. I don’t know about you, but I have far more important things in my life than the rubbish that seems to appear on FB. How important is your life? Is FB more important? I hope not.

Poorly Boy

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I’m lying in bed feeling very sorry for myself. Been up most of the night vomiting and all I can think of at the moment is how much weight I’ve possibly lost. Not the best thing in the world to ask, but I have to keep my spirits up.

Did It Work For You?

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Today was a bit of a disappointment I think for those in the very South of England. We had all the hype of the solar eclipse, yet in reality I don’t think many of us actually witnessed it although the BBC breakfast programme were talking about it as if it had never happened before. I was out and about this morning around 9.30am and all I can say is that it was cloudy but it did get a little bit darker (than it already was) and turned extremely cold. However, I do remember the eclipse in 1999 when I recall that the sun was already out, the sky darkened, the birds stopped singing and overall it was quite a strange event. Still we can all look forward to the next one.

Did you see anything where you were this morning?

Could Need Tweaking…..

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Just trying out a new recipe for one of my favourite dishes that I like to cook….chilli con carne.  However at the moment it is bubbling away on the cooker and I’m sweating just smelling the aroma. Haven’t been over generous with any of the spices, but it’s certainly looking like it’s going to have a kick to it, but I do have some cream in the fridge so if it is too fiery, I’m sure that will calm it down? Any good chilli recipes to share anyone?

Likes and Dislikes

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As some of you may know, I do enjoy cooking and I find myself drawn time and time again to a particular pan. I have a pan which I seem to always use to make soup or boil down my chicken bones to make a stock (apologies to vegetarians). I don’t know why, but I feel very comfortable with this pan. It does everything I want and I don’t know why I would even consider using a different one. Do you have a favourite pan I wonder?

My major dislike at the moment is that recently I’ve been getting phone calls at 3 am on my mobile from companies who clearly aren’t in the uk otherwise they wouldn’t ring at that time of the day/night. I don’t answer them, but they are a still a sleep disturber. This sort of behaviour is not acceptable and I know that many people report that if they answer their phone, there isn’t anyone at the other end. I see on the news today that steps are being made to stop what is effectively cold calling…..but I’m not holding my breath.

Feeling Very Ashamed

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I could not believe that the last blog I posted was in June 2014, and reading it again, didn’t seem like an inspiring piece of writing from me. Well it just shows what a busy life I must have been leading. I have made a February New Years resolution (although it’s nearly March) that I will try and post something of interest at least twice a week and I know that some of you will hold me to that comment.

Well since I last blogged, I’ve moved twice although still I’m still living on the beautiful Hayling Island and beside still doing my casual work for the local undertaker, I have joined the local amateur dramatic society on the Island, but have no intention of ‘strutting my stuff’ on stage….I did a fair bit of that about 10 years ago elsewhere.

I have just come back from a weeks holiday in Helsinki (pics will appear at some point on my website) which was very enjoyable. Currently playing catch up I suppose with everything. Once I’ve got myself sorted out, I’ll give you something to read which will be of interest. Regard this blog as an apology and a précis of the last 9 months. Watch this space…..

World Cup

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What are you going to be doing? Much as I love football, I think that the world cup will appear to go on forever and I don’t believe that England will progress very far….Is it time to take a holiday I wonder?

Do You Still Want To Be With Orange?

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I have no faith whatsoever in Orange. 4 Days ago for whatever reason I lost all connection on my mobile phone. Eventually after numerous calls and hanging on at 5p per minute I was told that Orange had incorrectly moved me to an EE account along with around 4,300 other people. I was also told that I had been given a temporary mobile phone number which would be used until they reinstated my original number on the same day…..tat was yesterday and I am still waiting to get my original number back. This is a really desperate service and I am seriously considering dumping them, but no doubt they will gleefully tell me that if I do, they will charge me some ridiculous amount of money to do so.

It Worries Me

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I stumbled across Eastenders tonight after at least 2 years of not seeing it and I have to say that nothing has changed….it is all doom and gloom and it could lead to suicide….from me. I cannot understand why this programme is so popular as it doesn’t seem to have anything positive to offer, or am I missing something? Everyone seems to be out to upset someone else, or stab them in the back….give me back the days of Noddy and Big Ears….at least that was harmless fun.